Friday, May 28, 2010

JDeveloper panelCollection Columns Hidden


After updating to JDeveloper on our project, we were surprised to see a new status line below Table in ADF panelCollection component, showing how many columns are hidden. It could be quite useful, but, when there are several tables on the page, this new box takes significant space, and, at least at the moment, I don't see some property to control its appearance.

One simple solution to make it hidden on global level is to add the following code in your CSS definition file:

  display: none;



  1. Hey, can you do the same with the menuBar above the panelCollection?

  2. featuresOff="statusBar" can work too.

    1. Correct, just be aware that featuresOff="statusBar" has to be applied to every single component in a project, except if there is a way to implement it globally but I am not aware of it. We had a project with thousands of panel collections all over the project when this feature was introduced and it suddenly significantly affected layouts in already finished pages - so we quickly fixed it just with these 3 simple code lines in global CSS. Now, if you still have to display status bar on a specific component, you probably may create (and apply just on that component ) an additional CSS rule which will just set back display:block.


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